About 'College Math Resources'

This site is devoted to identifying the best freely available on-line resources for the learning of mathematics, with initial emphasis primarily at the college level (senior secondary to second year undergraduate).

One use of the web is to provide answers to simple questions and or alternate explanations perhaps more quickly than by finding and searching through printed reference books. But another is to provide a kind of experience that a text can't easily duplicate and one of our goals is to distinguish those resources which really do make effective use of interactive and/or multimedia techniques.

It is intended to make it easy to locate relevant supplementary material on any particular topic, and to fill a perceived gap between the results provided by search engines (too much quantity but not enough quality) and by fully peer-reviewed learning object repositories (many of which are slow to accumulate material and so fail to provide results on any particular topic of interest). To avoid the problem of coming up with the right keywords the site is organized by topic, and to ensure that the best resources don't get lost they will be ranked by a combination of user evaluations with professional peer reviews.

To find material on a particular topic, just work your way down through the topic heirarchy until the level of detail you want is reached. In some areas there is initially less detailed breakdown than others, but users are enabled and encouraged to add branches to the tree. All users are also encouraged to recommend and review resources, and both the topic selection and result pages include what we hope are easy links to a pop-up form for this purpose.

In order to make it easy for users to recommend or review resources that they may find by other means, there is also a 'Browser Toolbar Button' which you can add to your browser. Just clicking on that while looking at a site will then pop up the review window.

Browser Toolbar Button for College Math Resources

Just drag the link below to your Netscape/Mozilla toolbar or MSIE link bar, and it will show up as a button which will allow you to immediately submit a review of whatever page you are looking at.
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