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Finding Derivatives

One way to compute the derivative of a function is directly from the definition by using algebraic tricks to convert the difference quotient to a form whose limit can easily be evaluated. But it is often possible to use various "shortcut rules" to get the answer much more quickly.
Some important Special Cases are and the Combination Rules are

Basic Rules

Introduction to Derivatives Computation(@ubc)
Differentiating Linear Functions
Differentiating Sums(@ubc)
Differentiating Products(@ubc)
Differentiating Quotients(@ubc)


Karl's Calculus Tutor - 6.1 Be Fruitful and Multiply
S.O.S. Math - Calculus(starts with exp&log)
TheNumber e (def by exp'(0)=1)
Derivatives of Exponentials(@ubc)


TheDerivetaive of the Sine
Derivatives of Trigonometric functions(@ubc)
Inverse Trigonometric Functions(@ubc)

Chain Rule

Relative Motion@upenn
Composite Functions@ies
The Chain Rule(@ubc)
Implicit Differentiation(@ubc)

Applications of The Chain Rule(@ubc)

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