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 Internet Resources for Differential Equations

Here we'll content ourselves with just referring to some big collections and leave it to you to search for specific topics
  • PWS-Calculus Modules Online (Differential Equations)
  • Differential Equations Resource Center
  • Electronic Journal of Differential Equations Mirror site
  • Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
  • The Boston University Ordinary Differential Equations Project
  • Differential Equations with Maple V.3
  • Electronic Textbook
  • Eletronic Journal of Differential Equations

  • Electronic Monographs
    Resources for a Modern Differential Equations Course
    Differential Equations
    See Web Study Guide for Ordinary Differential Equations from Oregon State University. This site also contains a clickable Roadmap for Solving First-Order ODE.

    Also see Differential Equations, from The Interactive Textbook of PFP 96, "an inter-
    disciplinary course in chemistry, mathematics and physics." There are several versions of this textbook, from UPenn, one of which is JAVA-enabled. Recommended.

    There is a Mathematica lab involving differential equations at Search for Problem Sets.
    Click the Differential Equations link.

    For material related to differential equations and their representation using Mathematica, Maple, and the TI-92 calculator, see The Language of Differential Equations, from The Connected Curriculum Project.

    See Separable Equations, and Homogeneous Equations, both from the S.O.S. Mathematics Site. Also see Separable First-Order ODE, and Homogeneous First-Order ODE, from OSU's Web Study Guide for Ordinary Differential Equations.

     First Order Linear Equations.
     Linear First-Order Differential Equations, from Oregon State University.

    See Some Applications for examples involving differential equations : Radioactive Decay and Newton's Law of Cooling.
    Damped Harmonic Motion (mass on spring)

    and its following pages  - reviewed by Tony Wang

    also reviewed by Tony Wang

    Differential Equations

    The Method of Separation of Variables
    Mass on Spring

    Calculus: Difference Equations to Differential Equations

    Differential Equations


    Differential Equations@langara
    Resources for Differential Equations @Archives.utk
    Differential Equations Resources @pwsBrooksCole
    Search for Problem Sets
    Electronic Monographs
    Eletronic Journal of Differential Equations

    Differential Equation Courses and Programmes

    ubcMath 256
    S.O.S. Math - Differential Equations
    Differential Equations(inM&PcourseJversion@uPenn)
    Differential Equations(in the M&Pcourse@uPenn)
    Differential Equations with Maple V.3
    Differential Equations@PWS.brookscole
    The Language of Differential Equations
    Web Study Guide for ode's @OregonState
    Roadmap for Solving First-Order ODE
    Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
    Electronic DE&Labs Textbook
    DE notes by pMonk@uDel
    PWS-Calculus Modules Online (Differential Equations)
    The Boston University Ordinary Differential Equations Project
    Edwards/Penney Differential Equations Website(@prenhall)
    MultivarCalc, LinAlg, & DiffEq(inCCPbyWattenberg@montana)
    Resourcesfor a Modern Differential Equations Course
    OUC Math 414: The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives
    uPenn Math 480: Financial Derivatives

    Individual Topic Items

    Introducing a Differential Equation(@ubc)
    Calculus Online@ubc: M100Lab 4(diffEq's)
    M100Lab 4 Grades and Solutions

    Separation of Variables

    Separable Equations
    Separable First-Order ODE
    The Method of Separation of Variables
    The Method of Separation of Variables(fromUK)

    Homogeneous Equations

    Homogeneous Equations
    Homogeneous First-Order ODE

    Qualitative Behaviour &Dir'n Fields

    Differential Equations: Learn/Slope Fields
    Qualitative ideas and direction fields(@ubc)
    Calculus Online@ubc: M101Lab 4(qualitativeDE's&budwormExample)
    CalculusOnline@ubcM101Lab 4 Solutions

    Numerical Methods

    Euler's Method(@ubc)
    Calculus Online@ubc: M100Lab 5(N'sMethod, &Euler's)
    M100Lab 5 Grades and Solutions
    Differential Equations: Euler's Method/Learn

    Linear Systems

    First Order Linear Equations
    Linear First-Order Differential Equations
    Autonomous System (Linear_Part I)@ies
    Autonomous System (Linear_Part II)@ies


    Modeling Population Growth@uMinn
    Discrete Inhibited Population Growth Applet byDanSloughter@furman
    The HIV Epidemic in Vancouver's Lower East Side(@ubc)
    The Spread of Disease@smithU
    Spread of a 'Meme'@uHawaii
    Damped Harmonic Motion (mass on spring)
    Pendulum Phase Plane byDanSloughter@furman
    Some Applications
    DiffEqApplications from bcit
    Mechanical Spring System (uses Maple)
    The RL circuit in electronics
    An Application to Nuclear Medicine
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    SuperpositionPrinciple of Wave
    Trig for SquareWave Applet byDanSloughter@furman
    Trig for SoundWave Applet byDanSloughter@furman
    ZeriusSynthesizer 0.95

    Amara's Wavelet Page

    You might also check our 'raw list' (of links provided without comment) to see if there are any more examples there that we haven't yet included here.

    If you have come across any good web-based materials on differential equations that are not included in the above indexes, please do let us know and we may add them here.

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