Math Web Resource Review

By:  Tony Wang                                  Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 20:08:13 -0800

Topic: Geometric Series


This is a very interesting topic which explained clearly how a geometric
series works over a million lottery. Because it is very interesting so that
it is also quite understandable. The text books only tell us a direct
meaning, but this site tells us in such a fine way that it increase students
interesting on the topic, except this topic about geometric series involve
in state lottery, it also gives some other things such radioactive decay,
new jobs, and leasings to test our understanding on this speicfic topic.
Interesting but reasonable is this topic's main amphsis. This site doesn't
carry any special plug in, and loading time is pretty fast. This site is
from the Unversity of Montana's Math department, there are some more topics
under calculus we can use to develop our Langara College's web site.