Math Web Resource Review

By: Amin Pirzadeh                     Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 23:02:43 -0800

Topic: Parametric equations and parametric curves

From: Kalamazoo College web site

Search Engine: YAHOO

This page has a good approach with very clear examples of the topic, and It
also uses
neat and clear diagrams ( .gif pictures) to illustrate basics of
parametric functions and parametric curves,
Our text book  (Stewart. 3rd Edition, chapter 9, Math 271) Has a good
introduction to the topic, and it supports itself by different examples. I
found the book more complicated but less attractive to read. because it
starts off with skeching a complicate graphs.

It does not have any Plug-Ins or Java Applets. And can be viewed by any

validity: It was responding all the day, and it's fast to download (***)