Math Web Resource Review

By: Amin Pirzadeh                     Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 13:00:54 +0430

Topic: Parametric equations and parametric curves / Projectile Motions

From: Kalamazoo College web site

Search Engine: YAHOO

 This is a application of parametric equations to describe the path
of a projectile motion in space. Unfortunately no diagram or picture is
used to illustrate the path. of a motion, but it has a links  to 3
interactive problems.
It uses animated .gif to describe the problems and are very interesting.
our text book(Thomas/Finney9th edition part II chapter 11.2 [math 371] ) is
more complicated and has good exercises at the end of the chapter.
The page can be used as a quick review and not as a reference

validity of URL :the server always respond and  it's fast to download

It does not use Plug-Ins or Java Applets. And can be viewed by any