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Polynomial equations are discussed at Polynomials and Roots, from the University of Saskatchewan's Exercises in Math Readiness (EMR). The Advanced Exercises require the solution of equations having radicals as coefficients, and they also have a section on Graphing Polynomial Functions

Or you can use our Graph Explorer (or any Computer Algebra System or Graphing Calculator) to graph polynomials that you may want to solve, and check that the x-intercepts agree with what you have found by factoring or solving. You can also do things like replacing x everywhere with (x+s) or with (x/r) to observe the "shifting and scaling" properties that you may have learned about for function graphs.

There is also a discussion of polynomials at UBC in the intro to their on-line calculus course.

Our 'raw list' (of links provided without comment) may from time to time include more examples of material on polynomial functions if we do not have time to add them here.

 If you have come across any more good web-based illustrations of these and related concepts,
     please do let us know and we will add them here.

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