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Systems of Equations

    The method of Gaussian Elimination is a systematic version of the process of eliminating variables by adding and subtracting multiples of the given equations.  To save space the process is often written in terms of just the array or 'matrix' of numerical coefficients.

Here are a couple of discussions of the issue at Hofstra University:
 this is for a system with 2 unknowns , and this is for 3.
Here is another one at Oregon State,
and this review of systems of linear equations is part of a site at BCIT devoted to applications of mathematics in technology.

For further study of systems of linear equations and related topics you may want to look at a course in Linear Algebra (eg Langara's Math 362)

You might also check our 'raw list' (of links provided without comment) to see if there are any more examples there that we haven't yet included here.

If you have come across any good web-based illustrations of these and related concepts,
     please do let us know and we will add them here.

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