Are You Ready for Calculus?

If you are not sure whether you need a precalculus course before going on to calculus, you may want to look at some of the links on our precalculus index page.

And if you are not sure which of the many topics are most important, read on.

In 1999, the Centre for Curriculum Transfer and Technology in BC completed a project to review the general and specific mathematics proficiencies recommended by BC’s post-secondary educational institutions for entry to selected mathematics/statistics courses. The courses selected for this study were

  • Calculus,
  • Introductory Statistics, and
  • Mathematics for Elementary Education.

The Report details some very interesting findings and details the recommendations of the Project’s Steering Committee.

Perhaps the most significant findings were these:
! Students are expected to have strong reading and writing skills in order to succeed in mathematics.
! Working with lines on a Cartesian graph is a most important skill.
! The top Proficiency Category is M (The Straight Line and Linear Functions).
! Understanding and using the slope of a line was ranked the overall most important mathematical proficiency for both Calculus AND Statistics.

You can download the Report from this link (you’ll need a pdf reader).

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