Bag o’Gold

This somewhat cynical response to Assignment 2 represents less my own response to the beauty of “gold” than an attempt to understand why others may not be so blown away by it.
I have been fascinated by the possibilities of web authoring ever since I first saw Mosaic in 1994, and have always sought out the opportunity to do so as independently as possible, but I can see why others might have different priorities – or maybe not even be interested at all in the idea of public communication.

The lipsynching at Tim Owens’ intro shows gold at its best – mined, refined and artistically defined. But that was a lot of work to make (lots of fun too of course I am sure). Perhaps the technology itself should be considered more like the raw ore or gravel rather than the beautiful jewellery it can be turned into with lots of talent and hard work.

Brad Kozlek (who is clearly also enthusiastic himself) has posted a more nuanced version of similar reservations.

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