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Waking Thoughts

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Almost every morning I wake up with thoughts running through my head. Often the internal monologue drifts into the formulation of something like an essay but it rarely gets written down.
In fact the exit from bed is often prompted my more immediate physiological needs and the resolution of major political and philosophical issues is deferred in favour of matters of less global significance such as whether or not to go to the gym before breakfast.

One of the reasons I started “blogging” was to try and capture these imagined gems (and others which come to me at other inopportune times like when driving or riding my bike). But in practice my blogging has been more in the reactive mode which originally led to the term “weblog” as a log of web activity to refer to a record of annotated links to web resources. Time for a change perhaps.

Was Montaigne the First Blogger?

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Ian Brunskill’s review of Sarah Bakewell’s recent book about Montaigne ends with “Montaigne was happy in a way that no blogger ever could be. There is, in the end, something to be said for the little room behind the shop.” This seems to me exactly wrong (not to mention being insufferably presumptious about the feelings of others). In fact thousands of bloggers like me are quite happy in our own little rooms with neither expectation nor fear of being heard by others. (more…)