Study graphs of two functions and their composition

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 Note:  These applets use a farily recent version of Java. To make sure you have the latest version go to

Note to Students and Teachers:
The applet linked to on the left is a minor modification of one produced by the JCM project at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. The only difference is that  I have  chosen to color the line segments so as to match the colors used for equal lengths.
The one on the right demonstrates a geometric construction of points on the composite function graph. There are several versions of this on the web.

Note to Developers: The applets linked to above were built with the new GeX component library.  The code was written 'by hand' but could also have been produced in a gui RAD environment. The GX components are JavaBeans, and their development was influenced by a visit with the ESCOT team in the summer of 2000. One difference from the ESCOT approach is that I have not based them on Swing classes  - mainly because of difficulty (for me) in defining a small enough subset of the Swing library to not overly slow down the applet loading process. One cost of this (in addition to having less attractive graphics) is the fact that positioning of components in a gui beanbuilder environment is less convenient, but for applets like this, 'hand coding' is pretty straightforward and the gui approach may not be that big of an issue.

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