Java Components for Interactive Mathematics
(a poster presentation at the 2001 conference of the TeleLearning Network)

A Toolkit for building 'Learning Objects' in Mathematics

by Alan Cooper - Langara College and CECM

Abstract: A set of Java components for building interactive applets for the exploration and demonstration of concepts in mathematics has been developed from the supporting classes of the GraphExplorer applet. These tools facilitate the construction of a variety of learner environments, including tabular and graphical presentation of information and control of variable parameters. They also communicate with other applets (such as JavaSketchPad for Geometry), and with server-based computer algebra systems (such as Maple).

Graphing Applet

Re-usable Components

Tools for Remote Interaction

The original applet (uses just the original 'jdk1.0' version of Java and runs in most v3+ browsers) Other 'learning objects' built from the GeX class library. Server-Enhanced Applets (with symbolic computation supported from Server-Based Programs)
The latest version (includes parametric,polar, and implicit plots) More information about the GeX class library Math at a Distance (tools for MathChat with shared graphs)


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