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Transition Modules in Mathematics

  Module 2 - Functions


This module is intended to help you become familiar with the function concept.
You will learn ....
(See Module Learning Objectives for more details.)

This module includes a set of  Study Notes, an on-line Lab to help reinforce the concepts, and a collection of links to other web-based Resources  on the general topic of Functions.
It is provided as an aid to independent non-credit study by students who feel a need to improve their understanding of these topics prior to either taking the Math Diagnostic Test, or entering a Calculus course.
There is no assessment or credit available in this context. In order to obtain credit it is necessary to enrol in a course such as Langara's Math 1170. For distance learners, the Open Learning Agency's Math 100 covers similar material.

In a one semester precalculus course the material in this module takes about two weeks to complete.

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