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Transition Modules in Mathematics

  Module 4 - Exponentials and Logarithms


Exponential and logarithmic functions arise in situations where the exponent in a power expression is considered as a variable. 

This module is intended to help you become familiar with these important functions. You will learn how to quickly sketch and recognize their graphs and to solve equations in which they appear, and you will learn how to use them in various applied situations.(See Module Learning Objectives for more details.)

This module includes a set of  Study Notes, an on-line Lab to help reinforce the concepts, and a collection of links to other web-based Resources  on the topic of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.
It is provided as an aid to independent non-credit study by students who feel a need to improve their understanding of these topics prior to either taking the Math Diagnostic Test, or entering a Calculus course.
There is no assessment or credit available in this context. In order to obtain credit it is necessary to enrol in a course such as Langara's Math 1170. For distance learners, the Open Learning Agency's Math 100 covers similar material.

In a one semester precalculus course the material in this module takes about two weeks to complete.

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