About 'College Math Resources'

- History and Acknowledgements

The motivation for this site was a sense that the web provided opportunities for both finding and publishing enhanced learning materials but that the tools for finding them were in need of improvement.

The original static version was intended as a stopgap to provide reasonable navigation to material relevant to specific topic details. Although it was favourably reviewed by the Scout Report in Sept of 1999, it was always intended to be replaced by a more easily updated database backed version, but, in the absence of substantial development funding, that replacement was delayed until 2004.

Various test versions of the database structure and presentation code were tried in the summer of 2003, and the links from the old version were collected into a database at that time.
The structure was finalized in the spring of 2004 and test versions of the access pages were used to update and fix many links that had become broken over the lifetime of the old site.
A link to the new version was finally posted at the old address on June 30, 2004. And the site was reviewed again by the scout-related AMSER (Applied Math and Science Education Repository) in 2011.

Development has been supported in part by Langara College, by the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics, and by the Canadian Mathematical Society.