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Revision History, Acknowledgements, and Copyright

A version of this guide was first posted in January of 1998.
It's initial development was made possible by the award of a partial Educational Leave in the 1997-8 academic year.

Important help was provided by a team of Langara 'Work Study' students:

Frank Choy, Sahar Khalili, Amin Pirzadeh, Tony Wang, and L. Williams
Most of the links could not have been found without the use of other (larger but generally less detailed) catalogues and resource guides. The site at the Chinese International School in Hong Kong (which appears similar in intent to this one) was particularly useful, and when I learned of  it in April of '98(thanks to Frank Choy! ) I incorporated much of its content.

All users are welcome to link from other pages to any part of this guide, and also to copy any material that may be useful so long as some visible acknowledgement and linkback are provided and subject to any additional copyright restrictions that may be applied to individual pages.

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