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What knowledge and skills do you really NEED in order to succeed in college math & stats?
Find out what BC post-secondary math instructors have to say at the Math Proficiencies page of the British Columbia Committee on the Undergraduate Programme in Mathematics.

Do you want to TEST YOURSELF? Use these to see if you are familiar with the material that various colleges and universities consider necessary for success with your calculus course.

Are You Ready for Calculus? - at the University of New Brunswick
Simon Fraser University has a math skills test that you can practice, as does Thompson Rivers University - try sections C and D.
Additional practice problems are available on the University of Athabasca website. Use Section C to test your preparedness for Calculus.
A good preliminary review of Math 12 topics -- examples with solutions -- can be found on the Math 12 Test section of the BCIT web site.
Another good source is Exercises in Math Readiness - from the University of Saskatchewan

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