Math Web Resource Review

By: Frank Choy                      Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 02:05:11 -0800

Topic: Integration for statistics

This site was reviewed previously on improper integration, it's a great
site.  I am learning more about central limit thereom, uniform
distribution, exponential distributions for my stat 181 course.  Since
it doesn't provide the proofs for these thereoms, this site provides
execellent notes for understanding probability density functions.  It
has detailed proofs along with good graphical representation.  It also
provides other statistical explanations like calculation of mean,
median, continous random variables and normal+beta exponential distr.
Great for Stat students who need to Know more.  To practice some of the
problems for stat 181, they should go to:

there is a full interactive tutorial on basic probabilities and bayer's
thereoms. It has great hints on how to approach a question. Great site
for Stat 181 + 225 at Langara.

the site also has excellent links with detailed description and average
access time.

Frank Choy