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Web-Based Tools (for help with Math&Stats)

We collect here some links to places where you can find web-based tools for working in Mathematics and Statistics. Some will require that you be using a JAVA enabled browser (such as Sun's HotJava, or versions 3 or better of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer) - and some may require other plug-ins but, if so, will usually be identified as such.


Our locally developed JAVA-based Graphing Utility can help you to explore the graphs of many functions you may wish to look at. Its animated zoom and pan features may give a better feel for scaling relationships than you can get from a graphing calculator (or even from some much more sophisticated Computer Algebra Systems).

Computer Algebra Systems

And speaking of Computer Algebra (and Calculus) Systems,  the MathServ Calculus Toolkit at Vanderbildt U in the USA allows you to compute and simplify expressions, solve equations, compute derivatives and integrals and all the rest - this is based on Mathematica, but with a more convenient (but less flexible) interface; and if you just want to compute integrals, Mathematica will do it for you here. It used to also be possible to try out an interface to Maple hosted at SFU, but this is now only accessible to registered Maple users. If you are a student (or teacher) at an institution with a Maple site license you may be able to get an ID by responding to the application email link that pops up  when you try to access the site. (It may help with verification if you send the email from your college or university account rather than from your home ISP, but once you have the ID you will be able to run Maple from home as well as at school.)

If you want something to use on your own machine, the easiest tool to get started with is DERIVE which we use in the Math 183 and 283 labs. This is available in  our computer labs (on the GUM server) and also can be purchased in the bookstore.


All of our Statistics students have access on our network to StatGraphics or Excell, but if you need something over the net there are several sites that may help.

Facts and Formulas

If you just want to look up a fact or formula, then here's a site you might try.


More tools are included at the start of our uncommented "raw list" of web-based resources.

There are also many interactive demonstrations of concepts in mathematics on the web, and we are attempting to collect some of these by topic so that you can look them up as needed in your calculus (or other) courses.

We also have a page of links to other institutions and resource collections for mathematics on the net.

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