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Schwitzgebel on Michael Tye on Vagueness 

Eric Schwitzgebel has also written a review of ‘The Splintered Mind’ by Michael Tye  in which he… My comment on that was: There seems to be an explanation of our lack of experience of partial consciousness in “it’s not Tye’s emphasis, that there must also be transitional, borderline states between non-conscious sleep and conscious waking”. … Continue reading Schwitzgebel on Michael Tye on Vagueness 


Borderline Consciousness

Philosopher Eric Schwitzgebel has written a paper: Borderline Consciousness, When It’s Neither Determinately True nor Determinately False That Experience Is Present that I think is interesting but perhaps somewhat over-plays the idea of “vagueness” as if something different from merely being a quantity that does in fact have a continuum of values. We don’t talk … Continue reading Borderline Consciousness