1.4 Cartesian Coordinates


Module 1 – Introduction and Review

Section 1.4 – Cartesian Coordinates


The use of Cartesian Coordinates allows us to bring together algebra and geometry in a way that works to our advantage in both. By expressing geometric ideas in terms of coordinates we can use algebraic techniques to prove geometric theorems and calculate properties of geometric objects, and by graphing equations and inequalities we can use our physical and geometric intuition to understand their algebraic properties.<

What to do

  1. Read sections 2.1,2.2, and 2.3 of the text. Most of what is in these three sections of the text should be already known to you. But graphing is so important for the rest of this course, and for calculus, that you should read it very carefully and make sure to remind yourself of any parts you have forgotten. Keep a pencil and paper at hand, and be sure to check your understanding by trying the examples before reading how to do them.
  2. Read the following Study Notes and Discussion, and make sure that you have absorbed the main points by answering the questions.
  3. Follow the instructions regarding Further Practice until satisfied that you have met the Learning Objectives for this section.

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