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About This Site:

    Unlike many other resource indexes, which either list many separate courses or offer notes and supplements for one particular presentation, we are planning here to go through the subject topic by topic and to collect for each topic just the best examples of what's "out there" by way of supplementary material. (One other site which takes the same approach is at the Chinese International School in Hong Kong. For the first year or so of this project that was the only other one we have seen, but since then a couple of others have been started and doubtless there will soon be many more.) It is not our intent to provide a web-based course so much as a collection of aids and inspirations to support a classroom experience, so don't expect to learn the whole subject just by working through this material (though for some that may eventually be possible). We are not attempting to be comprehensive at first, either in the topics covered or in the material indexed for each topic; but for many topics we may recommend links to several versions and will try to keep a comprehensive list of what we've seen available for those who really want to look at everything. We shall therefore welcome both news of links we have not included, and suggestions for modifying our selections. (If making such a recommendation, please do so from the reply form in the relevant section as that will help us to quickly place new links in the appropriate locations.)
    Please do come back soon and see what we've managed to put together.

What Others Say:

"an outstanding meta-source for mathematics students"

In September of 1999, this resource guide was reviewed by the Science and Engineering branch of the NSF funded Internet Scout Project (based at the University of Wisconsin), and described as "an outstanding meta-source for mathematics students". (The Scout Report for Science & Engineering is provided by the Internet Scout Project, an NSF-funded, university-based project at University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Internet Scout Project's (scientific) mission is to make the Internet more useful and accessible to researchers and educators in the sciences.)

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