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Sampling Distribution of Sample Mean and Proportion is a set of notes recently prepared by Langara instructor Robin Susanto.
The following pages of explanations and examples have been found useful by some of our students:

Confidence interval for µ, standard deviation known
This  course outline , was also nice. It had a lot of formulas and the access was fast!
 ( reviewed by L Williams)

and this page on statistcs related integrals was reviewed by Frank Choy.


UCLA Statistics Textbook
STEPS learning materails formUK
Statistics 201(with lots of applet links)@uWisc
Virtual Lab in Stats(course,applets,datasets)byLane@rice

OnLineUtilities for Statistics

WebStat(Utilities in Java)byWest@uSCarolina
GASP - Stats Utilities@uSCarolina
JAVA Applets (for Stats)@duke

Miscellaneous Topic Demos

VisualFit Applet byTaur@JSE
Regression Applet


IB Probability
Buffon's Needle
Let's Make a Deal Applet

Sampling Distribution of Sample Mean and Proportion

Central Limit Theorem

Balls and Pins(@ArkansasStU)
Pinball and Pascal's Triangle
Quincunx&CentralLimitThm by ChrisStevenson
Central Limit Theorem Applet
Introduction to Normal Distribution
MathsOnlineGallery (@uVienn.austria) LLN

Hypothesis Testing

Confidence Interval Applet
Confidence interval for µ, sd known (from Hyperstat@rice)
Power of a Hypothesis Test Applet



some statistcs related integrals@hofstra

DataSources and Applications

Statistics Canada
Case Studies for Stats@ucla
The Chance Database Welcome Page
Statistics DataSetSources @UCollDublin
Sample Distributions(@ArkansasStU)
Bicycle Helmet Safety@uHawaii - LOST LINK

StatisticsApplications from bcit

How can I estimate the number of trees on Goober Island?
An application of statistics and quality control to petroleum technology
An Application of Statistics to Nuclear Medicine
To Mine Or Not To Mine... Is That The Question!?
An Application of Statistics and Quality Control to Mechanical Engineering
An Application of Probability and Statistics to Food Technology
An application of linear regression and statistics to biomedical electronics
StatisticalAssessmentService(re use in public policy)

Other Stats Resource Catalogues

IB Stats Resources@CISinHK
Interactive Statistics on the Web@ubc

StatLib Index @CarnegieMellon
If you have come across any good web-based materials on statistics that are not
included in the above, please do let us know  and we may add them here.

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