Objectives for Module 1 – Review of Fundamentals


Learning Objectives

In this module you will study the real number system and review some of the basic algebraic skills that are important for the remainder of this course

After completing this module you will be able to:

  • Identify various kinds of real numbers (e.g. integer, rational, irrational)
  • Explain why some numbers have to be “irrational”
  • Locate given numbers graphically on a “Number Line”, and estimate the value of a number from its position on the Number Line
  • Use “interval notation” and the language of set theory to describe sets of Real Numbers
  • Use basic properties of arithmetic operations to identify equivalent algebraic expressions and to re-express a given expression in various alternative forms (eg “expand” or “simplify”)
  • Explain what it means to “solve” an equation or inequality, and do so for various kinds of examples
  • Use a “Cartesian Coordinate System” to plot and identify points in a plane
  • Express distance and slope between two points in terms of their Cartesian coordinates
  • Plot graphs of linear and quadratic equations, and identify the equations from given or specified graphs.
  • Apply these skills in a wide variety of practical situations

Each section of the notes for this module addresses some of these in more detail.

Section-by-Section Learning Objectives

Section 1 – The Real Number System

Section 2 – Basics of Algebra

Section 3 – Equations and Inequalities

Section 4 – Cartesian Coordinates

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