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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle

Since most of you are focused on the success of your charity, non profit or other enterprise, I am inviting you to consider this classic suggestion for today from an organizational point of view rather than just you the individual.

An organization, like an individual needs self knowledge in order to make good decisions, and this can be especially important when selecting supporting tools for your work where different tools can be better suited to different types of organization.

Our upcoming webinar on, Five Common Mistakes in Selecting Donor Databases looks at this as a key factor in making good decisions for your organization. Rob Weiner and Jeff Gignac will take you through the purchasing process with particular emphasis on some of the most common pitfalls (which often involve not matching the product chosen to the specific needs of the purchasing organization), and I will be doing something similar later this year with a different kind of product which is the Foundation/Corporate/Government directory.