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We are always looking for great presenters and great content to add to our series.

We offer sessions intended for the non-profit and charitable marketplace in North America and around the world.

At we have a special focus on Social Enterprise, Diversity and Inclusion in Giving, Global Philanthropy and Social Justice.

We also present sessions on Board Development, Foundations, Social Media and other topics taht will benefit those in our sector.

Our philosophy encourages charities and not for profit organizations to always continue to diversify their funding sources and to work always to improve what they do.

Click here to see a list of past and upcoming presenters.


Do I need to be experienced at presenting via a webinar to be a presenter with

No, we look for successful presenters but many are presenting online for the first time.

Do I need special equipment to present via a webinar?

You will need computer speakers in order to hear and a microphone in order to be heard. A computer headset is a good solution for both. All equipment to be used in the session is tested prior to the day of the session.

What are the differences between presenting online and presenting live?

Since computer based presentations can be a little cold and since you will receive little audience feedback while you are speaking, it is advisable to introduce more vocal variety, humour, cultural references and other speaking techniques to ‘warm up’ your presentations.

What else will you need?

We need a photo and a recent biography for marketing purposes.

What will I need on the day?

You will need to provide a power point presentation or similar one week prior to the event for uploading and distribution.

Can my material be proprietary?

Yes. We advise adding a copy write to your slides and materials distributed to attendees can be saved in PDF format.

What do I need to get going?

Contact us at to schedule a call to discuss your proposed presentation.




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