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Raise More Money Through Email Appeals – A Step By Step Guide to OnlineFundraising Success!

Are your email appeals falling flat? Do you wish that you could raise more money online using email? More and more donors have moved to online communications channels. This is either a huge opportunity or huge challenge. Creating great email appeals is different from traditional direct mail, which can throw even the best fundraisers for a loop. Non-profit fundraising expert, Vanessa Chase will show you how to create, write and send amazing email appeals that will help your organization raise more money this year! 

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Advanced Nonprofit Annual Reports for Print and Web

You have written a better Annual Report. It’s time to take it to the next level.

  • For your print version, learn design essentials and the latest upcoming trends in report covers.
  • Get the resources for creating snazzy pictures and infographics for your nonprofit
  • Learn how to help donors seem themselves in your story.
  • Learn where your online version should be posted

Join is May 22 for Mazarine’s Advanced Webinar for Non Profit Report Writing

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You can Create Better Non-Profit Annual Reports

Are you writing your first annual report this year? Have you been writing them for a while but wish you could make them better?

This FREE webinar will help you make your report look more professional and more attractive to donors.

Join us May 8 for some of the best tips to make your report shine!

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Diversifying your Donor Base: Generation by Generation

Do you know the ages of your donors? Many of us live in a very diverse society but generational diversity is still a real challenge with many charities. Our traditional base of generous supporters often comes from those still living who grew up in the Great Depression and the Second World War. The Baby Boomers are their children and the most numerous generation. Next come the so-called Generation X, then Y or the Millennials.

Join Judith Nichols April 24 for her astute analysis on what we need to know about the strategies that work with each generation. Click HERE to join.