From Chaos to Control: The Path to High Performance

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‘Donations are down. Donor relations have not been recorded and organizational history is in disarray.’ Does this sound like your organization? 

Session Description:

Sharron Batsch has witnessed first-hand how a chaotic approach to the management of donor gift data takes its toll. It’s frustrating and yet understandable, as many charities are operating without a knowledge plan and have no management paradigm to draw from. When it comes to data management, chaos doesn’t have to be the norm. This session will help you

  • Identify areas where chaos lurks 
  • Troubleshoot common data management issues with practical solutions 
  • Implement improvements that are sustainable 
  • Build a high performance team 
  • Create a work environment that is more productive
Learning Outcomes:
Learn step by step how to :
  • Gain control over your donor database
  • Identify key information to include
Intended Audience:
This session will most benefit:

  • Leaders in the Not for Profit field
  • Executive Director
  • CEO
  • VP of Fund Development
  • Anyone who wants to Move from Chaos to Control
Presenter: Sharron Batsch

Sharron’s  background with charities started in 1987 when she developed the first version of @EASE Fund Development Software  This donor database is sold across Canada supporting charities with donations of over $70,000,000 annually.

@EASE  has incorporated all forms of time saving methods in and it has been through our work with hundreds of fundraisers that we decided a book was necessary. It is our opinion that huge amounts of time is wasted, volumes of good information left unmanaged and that fundraisers need guidance when it comes to understanding information. When you work for a charity you are not in a glorified position, you get down and dirty with your resources and make them work for you.

She has also built many microcomputer custom systems for not for profits and taught at both SAIT and NAIT in their computer technology programs.

Sharron is an experienced presenter, and has developed 200 seminars and short courses and a certificate program related to microcomputers

She has chaired conferences, run workshops, and work on capital campaigns 

Sharron graduated with a  BSc in Math and Computing Science.

She began her computing career in the oil and gas business in Calgary applications and management for the U of Manitoba, Continuing Education 

• Received awards from the Consulting Engineers of Canada in 2001 and the Consulting

Engineers of Alberta in 2002 for our work in Knowledge Management and the system we developed for AD Williams Engineering

Offer courses on Data Mining, Special Events etc to our clients and others

Presented at conferences for the U of M, Petro Canada

• Written my first book From Chaos to Control published this year



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