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Meet  Ventureneer This article  by president Geri Stengel was posted to Linked in and is a wonderful example of how individuals and organizations weigh factors to decide the best form of organizational structure with a view to creating the biggest impact.

Choosing Your Legal Form Is a Strategic Decision for Social Good Businesses

Read about the path of Greenway Grameen Infra, India’s first ecosystems services company focused on developing sustainable rural infrastructure.  GGI combines skills in innovative engineering, natural resource management and social engagement models to design and disseminate products and services that have positive ‘high immediate impact’ on rural populations in an ecologically responsible and sustainable manner.

This article, New Legal Structures for ‘Social Entrepreneurs’ By KYLE WESTAWAY appeared in the Wall Street Journal December 12, 2011.and provides some simple explanations of three possible alternative structures for ‘Social entrepreneurs believe a business can be a part of the solution to some of the world’s greatest challenges’

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Kyle Westaway is founding partner of Westaway Law in New York, and cofounder of Biographe, a sustainable style brand that employs survivors of the commercial-sex trade. He lectures on social-enterprise law at Harvard Law and Stanford Law, and launched socentlaw, a legal blog for social entrepreneurs.







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