Snowbirds & Philanthropy

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Every year at this time, Southern states have a huge temporary population of wealthy, retired Northerners!


If you are at either end of the flight path of these ‘Snowbirds’ then you need to understand how their giving patterns may change:

If you are in the South, and Snowbirds reside in your area, can you cultivate them to support your cause?

– If you are in the North (or in Canada), you need to know how to hold on to these donors who no longer live full time in your community

Session Description:

We now know more than ever about the capacity, interests and giving patterns of Snowbirds.Terry Burton, a keen observer and expert commentator on trends in philanthropy, will provide an exclusive update on the most recent research on this important donor group.

*This session provides 1.25 CFRE credits to attendees.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Do they favor their sun state or their home?
  • What causes do they favor?
  • What are the differences in how they give?
  • How to Approach

Presenter: Terry Burton – Innovator, Educator, Author, Public Speaker!

After more than two decades of work with charitable organizations Terry has learned how to get an early view of trends that are emerging and how best to both maintain and refresh your sources of funding. This runs the gamut from the stewardship of namesake donors who give again and again, to the multi-generational gifts to build endowment funds, to the crossover of corporate philanthropy into a marketing driven decision and Snowbird Philanthropy

 Terry has his fingers in many pies in the kitchen we call prospect research. He created PRO – Prospect Research Online and helped to move the sector into the digital age. Later he moved on to create Dig In Research, a company he runs today. Terry was commissioned by John Wiley and Sons to write a book. entitled ‘Naming Rights: Legacy Gifts & Corporate Money’ which has become an industry benchmark on the topic. His next book,Naming Rights 3.0 will be out soon.

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