3 Steps to Choosing the Right Foundation Directory for Your Shop

February 20, 2014       Register Now

Session Description:

With 100,000+ Funding Foundations in North America, many without websites, a reliable search directory is a must have for fundraising professionals. Whether seeking to identify new funders or to continue to secure and grow continuing support, you need to ensure that the tool you choose is right for you and your shop.

Connie will share the 3 Steps to avoiding common mistakes and how to make the best decision.

The key take aways:

  • Learn what you really need before you shop.
  • Learn what to ask your sales rep to ensure you make the right decision
  • Learn to think BIG and manage risk


Connie Hubbs: Principal ConnieHubbs.com

Connie has worked with charities, 501C3 organizations, NGOs and others for over twenty years. She worked with 4,000+ clients in North American and around the world advising on research on foundations and their role in an integrated fundraising program. She also served as an internal judge for Metasoft’s World Proposal Championships,  Working now as an independent consultant and education provider, Connie helps organizations assess their needs and the tools they need to develop and maintain a robust foundation development program.

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