#SocialEnterprise in Chile UPASOL funds disab rehab http://upasol.blogspot.ca/

There is not a lot of official infrastructure in Chile and Latin America currently for recycling such as the municipal programs that are now the norm in North America. That situation provides an opportunity for social enterprises (among others) to run a recycling business. UPASOL operates a free collection of household recyclables. The recycled material is then sold to companies that use the material in the recycling and production processes, generating profits for the organization and environmental benefits. The profits (currently over $60,000 per year) support disability rehabilitation programs. This group works with NESsT

Another example is a social enterprise named Recycla that recycles High-tech garbage — broken computers, mobile phones, fax machines etc. Much of it ends up in landfills and its components, which contain toxic chemicals, often contaminate groundwater and harm the environment. Led by CEO Fernando Nilo Nunez, Recycla employs former prisoners to recycle components of high-tech waste and deliver them to potential buyers. In this case the social benefit is job creation for a group that is chronically unemployed.

Both examples show both the business opportunity currently available in Chile that can deliver social benefit as well as financial return.


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