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For those of us researching charitable giving outside North America, we  face, as you know, a dearth of accessible and up-to-date information.

This is a quick look at a resource now developed for the UK which might help fill that gap.

Factary Phi Mini Review – Searchable data of UK donations from individuals, companies and trusts.

I had a chance to look at this resource and if you are considering a research tool for the UK, Factary Phi is very much worth a look.

They have been around for about two years and are part of the Factary with Director Chris Carnie who many have seen presenting at conferences in North American and around the world.

Since the UK is particularly hard to research, this work at Factary is all done manually. Annual reports and web sites are the main sources so it is comparable in some ways to NOZA.

They currently list 374,816 donations and the breakdown is as follows:

  • Individual Donations – 186,985
  • Trust (UK term for foundations) Donations – 96,194
  • Companies – 27,000

They also categorize celebrities, patrons and others.

  • The work is based on donations to the top 1000 charities in the UK and the top 400 grant making trusts.
  • All university donations and all political donations are included.
  • Latest giving year is 2011.
  • All fields are searchable and results export to Excel.

You can book at demo by contacting Factary directly.

I welcome comments on international research tools that you have used or questions re the same.


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