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Please Don’t Change That URL!

From BBC – Radio Labs – How we make websites comes this quote: It’s nice if URIs are human readable. It’s also nice if they’re hackable. It’s an absolute prerequisite that they’re persistent. Don’t sacrifice persistence for the sake of … Continue reading

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Homework Help = Cheating ?

In checking out some of the people mentioned in this posting by Seb Schmoller (which I learned of via Stephen Downes), I was led to consider where is the borderline between helping a student to learn and facilitating cheating.

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What is 0^0 equal to? – squareCircleZ

This post at squareCircleZ (a very nice enrichment and support website for students and teachers of mathematics) raises the conundrum of how to define 0^0 if all positive x give x^0=1 and 0^x=0.

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Open Culture

Open Culture is a website developed by Dan Colman (who moonlights as the director of Stanford’s Continuing Studies program). It focuses on educational video offerings such as the Leonard Susskind Physics Lectures, and includes a page of links to other … Continue reading

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David MacKay: Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air

In Sustainable Energy – without the hot air UK physicist David MacKay presents plausible back-of-the-envelope estimates of the scales of action needed under various strategies for reduction of global carbon fuel combustion. The numbers he uses are easily checked and … Continue reading

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By The Numbers

This article discusses the latest round of changes in the WNCP Math Curriculum. Somehow, after seeing perhaps half a dozen rounds of this game, the rhetoric of revolutionary change wears a bit thin.

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TIMSS 2007 – How are we all doing in math? – squareCircleZ

The part I find most encouraging in Murray Bourne’s discussion of the latest TIMSS 2007 report on mathematics performance around the world is the distribution of gender differences – in particular the fact that the relative performance of females is … Continue reading

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Internet Safer Than Thought vs Flickr Perversion

In contrast to this study (which I came to via Stephen Downes)showing that the internet just isn’t the danger to children it is often portrayed to be, we have Alec Couros reporting on Open Thinking & Digital Pedagogy » Blog … Continue reading

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Philosophy Talk: The Blog: William James and the Squirrel Example.

Philosophy Talk: The Blog: William James and the Squirrel Example. Yes, James does seem to be confounding a number of issues in that lecture His resolution of the squirrel dispute (“Which party is right,” I said, “depends on what you … Continue reading

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How Much is Too Much?

I have always believed that disprportionate reponse is justifiable (if struck once I will strike back unpredictably harder if I can so that there is no future temptation to estimate expected value of an attack). And I understand that in … Continue reading

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