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Miraculous Magnetic Clowns

James McGirk, writing in 3quarksdaily, repeats the widely stated claim that the Insane Clown Posse display inexcusable ignorance when they claim, in their song ‘Miracles’, to be mystified by magnets. One line in particular snagged the world’s attention: “Water, fire, … Continue reading

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One Bandwidth Rate for ALL Content

The concern expressed here, and here and here, is much more valid than that about usage-based billing. It is not the possibility of having to pay for bandwidth that is problematic, but that of being charged differential rates depending on … Continue reading

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The Inheritors of What?

A new book by Eric Kaufmann entitled Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century is

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Letter to Tony Clement

Here’s what I wrote re Net Neutrality and Usage-Based Billing: The public internet has provided a wonderful stimulus to the economic and cultural life of our country and the entire world. But that stimulus depends on its equal accessibility to … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Usage-Based Billing? wants to Stop The Meter On Your Internet Use. But if all kinds of bandwidth were charged at the same rate (so that the carriers couldn’t favour one type of content, such as cable tv over another, such as … Continue reading

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The Myth of Separate Magisteria | Big Questions Online

The Myth of Separate Magisteria | Big Questions Online. The main problem (aside from its pretentious name) with Stephen Jay Gould’s concept of “Non-overlapping Magisteria” as a resolution of the “conflict” between science and religion is the fact that many … Continue reading

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Personal Knowledge Management

The #PLENK2010 topic for  discussion in Week 8 is PKM.

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Worthy of Support?

Telus CEO touts ‘Switzerland’ approach to content.

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What’s Wrong With Usage-Based Billing?

The folks at are concerned about the recent CRTC ruling to allw Bell to apply usage-based-billing to independent ISPs. But I don’t se the problem. So long as everyone gets the same speed of sevice regardless of data type … Continue reading

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