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Born on a Blue Day

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Coincidentally I read ‘Born on a Blue day’ just yesterday – i.e. one day before zac at squareCircleZ posted his summary review – (having been led to the order the book after watching a video posted – also at SqCZ I think – a couple of months ago). My only difference with the review is that I would reverse what Zac says about the last quarter and the finale. (And anyone who reads any of my views about climate etc may rightly suspect that I couldn’t help having reservations about the breeding practices of Daniel’s parents – admirable though their parenting may have been.)

Lecturing – stupidest profession?

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Donald Clark Plan B: Lecturing – stupidest profession?

An uninterruptable lecture is almost as much an abomination as a TV broadcast, but even a replayable recording is no better than a bad lecture – where the only response to a question is to repeat verbatim whatever was not understood.

The point of a lecture is to allow spontaneous rephrasing or elaboration to correct for misinterpretations. In the absence of that you might as well use a book or printed notes, since written information is both much easier to navigate and much quicker to take in than that which is spoken.