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Why I love the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

In general, I find that commitment to a text which one can interpret for oneself is less harmful than commitment to some class of¬†annointed interpreters of such a ¬†text. And although I don’t share such a commitment myself, I do find much in the bible that I agree with, as well as excuses within the text for discounting those parts I find offensive. By and large I find the JW interpretations to be supportive of a humane treatment of our fellow beings and, with or without the biblical support, I find their publications to present fair and reasonable advice regarding human behaviour.

But what I particularly enjoy in those publications is the “Was it Designed?” feature in their ‘AWAKE!’ magazine. This regular feature describes some wonderful aspect of our biological world with the conclusion “What do you think? Was it the product of evolution? Or was it designed?”. The puzzles posed are sometimes easy but often quite challenging and I cannot imagine a better set of resources for a Biology teacher wishing to encourage students to see how the evolutionary algorithm so often produces designs which improve substantially on the best that an “intelligent” human might have devised.

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