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Facebook Problems caused by Skype Firefox extension

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Recently Facebook has been running very slow for me and even just hanging completely on page reload. I wasted a lot of time trying things within Facebook and after reading of many others with similar problems was even considered abandoning Firefox as my preferred browser, but as soon as I disabled the  Skype Firefox extension everything returned to normal. So if you are having similar problems, this may be the solution. (The extension is not necessary for the normal use of Skype – just for having phone numbers on web pages all become clickable.)

What disappoints me about Skype as a result of this is not the fact of the problem per se (making different programs interact is often difficult and it is not surprising that things go wrong), but rather the fact that there has been no loud public warning from Skype of a problem which has been around for some time (in fact the extension is still loaded automatically without warning during Skype upgrades).  If Skype had acted appropriately there would have been a high ranking Google hit which resolved the issue but in fact on Googling Facebook and Firefox I found many discussions which did not identify Skype as the source of the problem, and there has been no warning transmitted during several recent Skype upgrades.

Teaching math using interactive white boards

Monday, September 21st, 2009

This interview with a recent convert to teaching math using interactive white boards includes a lot of good ideas for using the computer display but  leaves me wondering what the IWB adds over what could be done with a tablet PC and projector.

One weakness of the WB is that it forces the presenter to face away from the audience for writing – something we are all used to and try to mitigate, but which could be avoided with the old style projector.

A possibly distinctive use of the IWB might be to have students come up and interact with it themselves, but the interviewee actually seemed to be saying that she tried that but found the benefits outweighed by the distraction of having people moving about so much.

Copyright Consultations

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Well I have finally got around to putting in my views at 8:50pm in Vancouver – which is still 10 minutes before midnight in Ottawa so should be within the 48 hour extension that was announced on the Copyright Consultations website on Sunday. (more…)