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Can the UN Combat Climate Change and Also Provide Energy Equality to All?

From Charles Kenny of  the ‘Center for Global Development‘, writing in The Atlantic: Those who are anti-coal, anti-gas, anti-dam, and anti-nuclear when it comes to energy development in the developing world are implying that people there shouldn’t use electricity at … Continue reading

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From ‘axe the tax’ to ‘climate consensus’: Looks like Bill Tieleman has more to answer for than just his shenanigans here in BC

From Alex Frankl in The Guardian (referring to Tony Abbot’s anti-environmental success in Australia) “After years running focus groups I’ve learned one thing: technical terms like ‘carbon’ and ‘emissions’ can never win against a simple story about tax” except here … Continue reading

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Philosophy Has a Problem With Expertise

So begins Matthew Beard’s response to Stephen Pinker’s recent article  about the effect of intrusions by “bioethicists” into decisions about medical research and practice (which all came to my attention via Russell Blackford’s response to the response).  

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