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Killing Blasphemers on the Peace Train

This is apparently old news, but I was previously unaware of it. I recall being shocked when Cat Stevens was treated as potentially dangerous after his conversion to Islam. Now not so much!

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Missing the Point

Jason Rosenhouse has himself missed the point in his criticism of Josh Roseneau’s response to Jerry Coyne’s blog about Chris Mooney and others’ “accommodationist” heresy against the high priests of evangelical atheism.

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Fight Back Against Death Threats

The headline of this article by Hirsi Ali and Daniel Huff is unfortunate because it distinguishes one particular offensive group. But the authors do in fact acknowledge others and note that the case of anti-abortion Christian Extremists has been partly … Continue reading

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To CBC re banning of CC licensed material

Re : CBC Bans Use of Creative Commons Music on Podcasts.

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TV vs Internet

This article at the Tyee addresses the broader issue of whether ‘Net Neutrality’ is enough if the physical network used by the internet is being shared with competing services owned by the owners of the infrastructure.

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Artificial Leaves from North Carolina

Thanks to reader Colleen McGuire for pointing out  this interesting development. It does look promising if it can be developed further, although as one of the researchers said, “We do not want to overpromise at this stage, as the devices … Continue reading

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Cute Math Problem

This came up in a Math Ed discussion at LinkedIn. Here A, B, and C are three finite sets. If half of the As are Bs and half of the Bs are Cs and half of the Cs are As, … Continue reading

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