Proteus Fund Supports Non Profit Diversity

There is an interesting article in Today’s Chronicle of Philanthropy that highlights the Diversity Fellowship program provided by the Proteus Fund.

This is how Proteus describes the program’s goals.

‘The Diversity Fellowship is designed to increase the number of people of color in positions of leadership within philanthropy who are skilled grant makers using a lens of equity and inclusion, and to support grant making to communities of color that is more representative and effective.’

The Chronicle article highlights the experience of one fellowship recipient.

‘While running a program to help low-income students get mentors, Marie-Frances Rivera grew fascinated by how foundations decide whether to keep charitable endeavors like hers afloat.’

Ultimately she opts for a career as a grant writer putting into practice her insights from having worked ‘inside’.

This seems like a great approach. What else could we do to increase participation of persons of color in positions of leadership with non-profits and charities.

What will the impact of diversity leadership have on diversity fundraising?

Tune in to ‘African American Giving’ this Thursday May 24 for an up close look at what this may mean for Black Americans.

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