Why Diversity Matters For Fundraisers

Today I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar at conniehubbs.com on African American Giving. Diversity is one of my passions and I have been looking forward to hosting the session with Marybeth Gasman and Nelson Bowman III for some time. They are two of the America’s leading experts on the subject, and have published and present frequently.

They lived up to expectations, presenting thoughtful well resourced material on the potential and practice of African American Philanthropy.

Not too surprisingly, there is a wide diversity in the incomes and capacity to give in Black America and in many cases African Americans want to be seen and approached as philanthropists not just recipients of charity.

It turns out that in proportion to income, African Americans are the most generous group in America.

Why does this matter? I apply this to fund development because that is the sector I work in but it is really much bigger than that.

By inviting in those that are not already inside, we increase opportunities for ourselves. (In this context, identifying new supporters) Even more important, we create community and increase understanding and compassion in our world. We can’t afford not to do this!

I have been invited to join the Diversity Committee of AFP Vancouver and we meet for the first time next week.

What is the most valuable activity we could be doing? Stay tuned!

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