Rodney Dangerfield Award

The Rodney Dangerfield 'No Respect' award for 2010-11 has to go to John S Wilkins for two of his recent posts.

First he complains on behalf of his discipline that it gets no respect from the scientists whose work it purports to analyze, and then declares himself bummed out to have only 700 or so daily readers and not be getting any awards.

Well here you go Eeyore and I hope it makes you happier.

2 Responses to “Rodney Dangerfield Award”

  1. John S. Wilkins Says:

    I'd like to thank the Academy for this award. I'd like to, but I won't.

  2. alan Says:

    If you did, I'd say "you're welcome", but I guess I won't need to.
    But I *will* thank you for dropping by as, despite your concerns, it is clear that you have a much busier site and a whole lot of other stuff going on right now.

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