More MOOCs

Massively Open On-Line Courses allow large numbers of people to participate at varying levels of commitment in a process of shared learning. Part of the openness aspect is that there are many avenues of participation and rather than relying on a centralized Course Management System people are encouraged to control their own involvement by contributing comments etc through their own social media and blogs. But rather than let contributions to these courses dominate the flow of my personal thoughts here, I will set up separate blogs for each such course that I join.

During the summer I followed one on Critical Literacies and in the fall one on Personal Learning Environments and Networked Knowledge, and I am now looking at a couple more.

One is the Downes&Siemens CCK11 course on Connectivism and Connective Knowledge, and my blog for that is here.
I am not convinced by Connectivism as a theory, but am attracted to it as a practice – especially as exemplified by Stephen Downes – and my main reason for enrolling there is to learn more by experience of how other people engage in that practice.

This winter I am also following Jim Groom’s ds106 on Digital Storytelling and will probably also join one of the P2PU math-related courses.

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