Non-accessible e-learning: lawsuit against an institution using WebCT – FLOSSE Posse

I’m no fan of WebCT (or “vendor-lock-in” of any kind) but in their discussion of a lawsuit against an institution using WebCT (on the basis of non-accessible e-learning) FLOSSE Posse say:

“In WebCT they probably seriously think that learning happens by scanning content with your eyes and then saving it in your personal hard disk located in your head….”

Oh how second millenium of them! (sounds just like reading a book)

These bookish monks will never adapt to the new paradigm in which all information is instantly searchable and our sensory input will be filtered through a Google designed response generator which instantly feeds us with the cleverest response that has ever been generated – or could ever be imagined on the basis of past responses to related data. Of course there’ll be no need to vocalize that response, since everyone else will be simultaneously accessing the same facility and we’ll all think as one. No more arguments, no more war, eternal peace and harmony in the embrace of the universal Googlemind … gottaloveit!

But the folks at FlossePosse don’t want to hear from me – they keep telling me I’ve failed their “captcha” challenge test – maybe I‘ll sue them for making it inaccessible to me.

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