Flemming Rose on “Europe’s politics of victimology”

Jyllands Posten editor Flemming Rose defends himself re the mohammed cartoons which idiot Mullah Krekar decried as a “declaration of war” against Islam claiming without apprent irony about Western secularists that “as the losing side, they commit violence.”

Unfortunately Rose extends his defense in places to attribute to the “left-wing” positions that may never have been taken by anyone more serious than himself, and although his proposal for mutual accomodation to the realities of multiculturalism is reasonable, his use of phrases such as “Giving the same weight to the illiberal values of conservative Islam as to the liberal traditions of the European Enlightenment” belies his claim not to be biased.

Why give them such ammunition?
(Unless your goal is other than what you say it is and is rather to promote discord, jihad, conflagration, and apocalypse)

In this kind of debate, it is essential both to recognize our debt in the West to the liberal values of progressive Islam and to not ignore the illiberal traditions of conservative Western Christianity.

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