Contrary Brin: More Potpourri – science and politics!

Contrary Brin: More Potpourri – science and politics! is worth it for this quote:
“For many years I have spiced up some speeches (about memes) with the notion that we must “CRUSH every other worldview that does not preach tolerance!” It gets a laugh plus applause… and I say “those of you who ONLY applauded, without laughing at the irony — a deeply cautionary irony — aren’t qualified to wage this holy war. You just don’t get it. In fact, your eager help may only ensure our eventual defeat. The way to truly crush intolerance is the way parents deal with the hysterics of small children. By taking the small hammer-blows, absorbing the tantrum, firmly disallowing any larger harm, and wrapping the frenetic soul in an embrace of patient confidence.

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