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My experience may include something equivalent to what others call god, but whatever it is cannot be put into words – perhaps not at all, and certainly not with the certainty that most religions ascribe to their own very specific creeds and scriptures. Indeed, the conflict and hate that arises between these competing creeds is a source of much of the evil that we have experienced throughout human history. It strikes me that if a god does exist then it does not want us to talk about it, and if there is also a satanic force in the universe then it, not god, is the author of all scriptures. Perhaps god while allowing evil to exist and to tempt us towards the prideful sin of belief has given us a clue as to the reality by slipping into those scriptures items such as the sin of pride in our presumed knowledge of good and evil (embodied in judaeo-christian tradition by the story of the forbidden fruit  – but note carefully that it is not the knowledge of heliocentric astronomy, relativity, quantum mechanics, or technology that we are forbidden but very specifically the “knowledge of good and evil”), or the commandment delivered via Moses not to “take the name of the Lord in vain”, which perhaps should be interpreted in the strong sense – ie not to identify any words utterable by man as being divine. I call this latter the “strong law of blasphemy” and suggest that the world would be much better off if it were enforced strictly – ie no claim by voice or text to represent the word of god should be taken as other than the work of the devil.

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