Math Awareness Month

April is Mathematics Awareness Month and this year the American Mathematical Society, the American Statistical Association, the Mathematical Association of America, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics have announced that the theme for Mathematics Awareness Month 2007 is Mathematics and the Brain.

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  1. Edilton says:

    I believe that M.C. Escher’s Beautiful is a more maetamthical piece because the nature of the composition is largely geometric and simplistic, so I would rate it at 2. Aside from the centrally placed circle shape, the piece contains few curvilinear lines and is composed mainly of straight across horizontal or vertical lines and diagonal lines with varying directions. The dichromatic color scheme highlights the facet-like angles that dominate the piece, and multiple lines that cut through the entire composition display a reversed symmetry where the pieces emerging from whatever line being examined are repeated in a reversed reflection across the line. The use of only black and white enables this mirror like reversal of shapes throughout the piece to be possible. This alone displays great maetamthical skill dramatized by simple artistic incorporation, and the obvious focus on symmetry leads me to believe that Escher was more maetamthically oriented in creating Beautiful .

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